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Located in Ubud, Bali, our Bali terrazzo specialist called ‘Tukang Terrazzo’ has been experienced enough in manufacturing custom built Bali terrazzo for wall tiling and flooring. ‘Tukang Terrazzo’ has been in business since 1997 and during those years, this sub division of Image Bali International has lots of jobs of installing terrazzo for many purposes like sanitary fitting terrazzo, in-situ terrazzo, resin terrazzo, just to name a few.

Just like other terrazzo purposes, our ‘Tukang Terrazzo’ also has highly skilled ability in installing terrazzo for bathrooms including bathtub terrazzo, wash basin terrazzo and the bathroom wall flooring and a lot more. They can be polished or left unpolished though both may result in great look in every house, particularly a great mansion which may reveal the elegant look of terrazzo in better way.

Our ‘Tukang Terrazzo’ has been well known of its highly skilled in operating machine tools and combine it with handmade floor applying that uses high taste of artistic touch. It results on smooth, natural results of Bali terrazzo for the added charm on a house. In short, our ‘Tukang Terrazzo’ has all clients need related on terrazzo installation and maintenance.

Image Bali International specializes in wall finishing and hard flooring in which they handle lots of jobs including terrazzo, architecture, contractors, interior and a lot more. Image Bali International has been undertaking lots of projects in national scope and international ones. Contract division of Image Bali International is able in providing the the best work standards upon the most demanding and complex project construction.

‘Tukang Terrazzo’ skills and knowledge have been applied from more than a decade in experience in the industry of tiling. Each worker has been aware for their own responsibility in maintaining reputation of the companies which must provide first class workmanship in high quality. Surely this is can be seen on our successful projects in which we have been involved like projects in Mauritius, Bahrain, Maldives, Fiji Island, Caicos Island and a lot more

Image Bali International possess such schedule of long-term schedule of maintenance for managing and maintaining flooring of terrazzo. Our team is also capable in fixing the elegant floor. Our team has been specialist in this kind of industry  as it enables the company for providing high workmanship quality which may be constantly depended upon.

It is the good work ethic which have made our ‘Tukang Terrazzo’remains in forefront of terrazzo industry. So, it is important for Image Bali International in keep improving and updating the skill of the workers of ‘Tukang Terrazzo’ as we aim to fulfill clients’ needs and bring out total satisfaction. So, when you think that perfect is your standard of good terrazzo applying, look no further than Image Bali International and ‘Tukang Terrazzo’.

Our workers are available for doing the projects in several places in the world. We have done these jobs before and all our clients still keep using our service for their properties in other places. It can be the main indication that our end result is very satisfying as it is the main aim for our company.

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